Friday, October 30, 2009

Hi! Look at the that picture.... It looks 'The Three Cavemens (with one girl). Hahaha... Okay, thats me and my brothers. It's a long time ago. 4 years back. That's when my little brither was newly born... Time passes so fast. I still remember that I'm always jealous when my brother gets more attention.... Well, now I'm fine with it. No jealous anymore. I still got to fight with them.... It's a MUST. Just for me..... Okaay, thats all 4 today, bye!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Little Brother :)


This is my little brother. His name is Wan Taufiq. Up there, is a picture of him. But that is a picture of him once when he was still a baby... But now, he turns into a handsome (not really) prince.... Hahahahaha!!

I love you little brother...
Thanks 4 reading!!!




Hello, there!

My name is Wan Izzati. I live in Shas Alam. I love Titanic. I have two brothers. Sometimes I hate them. I'm studying in Sekolah Kebangsaan Raja Muda, sek 4. I have 4 bestfriends. They are Farah, Sarah, Ruqayyah & Zarifah. They are very nice to me. I don't want lose them in my life. Be my follower, Bye!